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Have you or someone you know ever had constipation? Have there been side-effects from the medicine? Sometimes laxatives can cause more bloating in your stomach! What if you were also being bombarded by a myriad of non-pharmalogical products with no clear scientific support in easing constipation? What if the person facing all these difficulties is elderly?

Nowadays, 1 in 5 elderly people in Hong Kong suffers from constipation. Unfortunately, the pharmalogical approach of laxatives and stimulants is contributing to a range of side-effects and long-term dependency. Many elderly people eventually change their way in complementary methods like diet modification and commercial constipation-easing products, which is not scientifically significant in effectiveness.

Our state-of-the-art product, the EC (Ease Constipation) belt is a massaging belt combining a full-set Swedish massage and thermal therapy. The EC belt is characterized by a natural restoration of intestinal activity through a non-invasive method and has minimal side-effects. Swedish massage is a science-based method and complies with human intestinal structure and flow through providing 3 various motions. Also, we believe relaxation can be achieved through this therapy. In addition, the heat generated stimulates our body’s natural reaction and promotes whole-body release of tension. We are the first to produce a constipation-easing device in Hong Kong with the unique combination of massage and heat therapy into one belt. In the long-term, constipation and medical expenses can be reduced for our seniors. Also, strain on the local medical system can also be lessened.

In conclusion, the EC belt is opening a new vision towards natural, easy-accessible and scientific care for the elderly in Hong Kong.

Team Leader
CHAU Chung Hang (PolyU)

Team Member

LUI Wing Lam (PolyU)
LOO Hiu Tung (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. CHANG Ka Pik Katherine (PolyU)