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What is Carelinc?

  • Carelinc is a Hong Kong-based brain injury monitoring technology company.
  • We will create a patient-centred platform that enables risk prediction and prognosis tracking for stroke and traumatic brain injury patients driven by machine learning and big data. The platform is the key to a successful telemedicine system.
  • Health professionals will be able to remotely formulate management targeting specific risks of individual patients.
  • With a user-friendly interface, users can understand their health states, rehabilitate through guided training, and receive rolling feedback on their risk prediction and disease progression - even if face-to-face follow-ups are infrequent or difficult.
  • We will provide guided occupational and psychological therapy programmes and educational sessions designed and authenticated by registered health professionals to improve the prognosis of brain injury and stroke patients.
  • With prospective data from more patients, Carelinc will provide individualised assistance to stroke and traumatic brain injury patients in Hong Kong.
  • In the future, Carelinc will include more diseases and empower patients of a wider geography and demography.

What Carelinc is NOT

  • Carelinc is not a pseudo-health recording system dominated by a niche of teenagers or fitness enthusiasts with high health awareness. We will build our algorithms based on bone fide real-world clinical data specific for Hong Kong stroke and traumatic brain injury patients.
  • Carelinc is not a one-off elearning app with expensive courses. We strive to provide regular updates and customised training at affordable rates, for patients' entire disease progression.

Team Leader
HO Tsi Lok (HKU)

Team Member

CHU Sheung Chit (HKU)
WONG Queenie Hoi Wing (CUHK)
LIN Chi Wing (HKUST)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. MAK Calvin Hoi Kwan (CUHK)