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We, OLD-SEE-FOOD offer collaborative cultural-business projects between old shops — locally owned small businesses demonstrating traditional skills or craftsmanship; and new shops – businesses adopting modern business models.

Modernization brings efficiency and convenience. But this has also oriented our consumption behaviour to price, quantity and trends – hence, local small businesses are losing their competitive edge against mass production.

In light of the fading traditional products and skills, we are losing our locality. What is behind us is not merely nostalgia, but history, collective memories, community bonding, and more… these all contribute to the embedded cultural values of our society.

Therefore, we aim to educate and nurture the fact that consumption and production are not necessarily about ‘competition’, but ‘appreciation’. By promoting the concept of ‘value-driven’ consumption, we hope to highlight the story and values behind every product and service. As a result, we can achieve a sustainable consumption model, while also shaping our cultural and local identity

Have you ever imagined having traditional Chinese egg tarts at a hipster café? Acting as a curator between old and new shops, we will be strategically formulating creative projects.

For instance, in-store cultural events and cross-over merchandise ideas between the two agents. Moreover, we strive to involve different sectors ranging from retailing, creative, services, F&B, education and technology industries.

Also, to facilitate our impact to educate, an Online HK Cultural map will also be presented. This platform will cross physical boundaries and interpret the story behind each shop, ultimately, driving traffic and enhancing public engagement.

Team Leader

Team Member

LAU Yu Ying (HKU)
LAU Suet Man (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. LEE Ho Yin (HKU)