Dr. Body

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In China, many people suffer from body posture problems, e.g. scoliosis, and teenagers are one of the high-risk groups. However, body posture problems are often ignored due to difficulties like detection and shortage of medical personnel - thus delaying treatment. However, the launch of Dr. Body provides the solution.

Dr. Body is a 3D posture measurement and evaluation system to detect posture problems, e.g. in the spinal column and pelvis.  This is achieved through conducting a harmless and high-precision comprehensive detection, evaluation and analysis of the body – and delivers the best prevention and treatment plans. Furthermore, the analysis is quick and scalable for conducting large-scale testing activities.

Dr. Body is not just a product, it is a services provider of body posture data and posture problem solutions for different institutions. The instrument is of exquisite design, easy to carry, equip and maintain.

From a technical perspective, the core algorithm system has unique advantages, which can be adjusted to provide different detection items and result display modes according to the needs of our partners. In addition, Dr. Body can be quickly modified based on cloud big data and real-time tracking of data and provide follow-up diagnosis and treatment programs.

Through this system, we hope to provide teenagers with regular, accurate, fast, safe, and cost-effective posture health detection and diagnosis services and form a national network of body posture health database through huge test data, contributing to future health trends and medical technology development for its prediction and reference.

Team Leader
XU Zhen Da (PolyU)

Team Member

MA Chun Hung (CUHK)
SUM Yik Lun (CityU)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. GUO Song (PolyU)