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Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments suffer from two main problems: misuse of A&E services and long waiting hours. In 2012, over 2 million patients used A&E services. But 70% of these cases were not urgent. Also, an average A&E case costs HK$1,700. Therefore, the misuse of A&E service contributes to long queues and high costs. Additionally, patients perceive medical services as lacking in transparency and convenience, especially at night. From a social perspective, this represents a triple loss for patients, the health care community and the government.

Clinic Express is unique in using technology to improve the acute care environment. Our online platform will connect all private medical services in one place to prevent overcrowding and reduce waiting times. This app considers social responsibility and the patient when offering services.

Our app will mainly target the elderly and people with medical needs at night. However, clinics will be benefited because our app will provide potential customers to them. Non-urgent patients will be benefited because they will receive immediate treatment at the clinics.

From a public health perspective, the number of non-urgent patients sent to hospitals will reduce and so A&E staff can focus on treating urgent cases. For non-urgent cases, if our app provides more information of available clinics nearby, more people would choose clinics instead of A&E.

With the increased usage of Clinic Express, we expect enhanced convenience at A&E and more efficient use of health care resources - a triple win for patients, the health care community and the government.

Team Leader

YAU Yim Ching (PolyU)

Team Member

LAM Ping Him (PolyU)
SO Lai Man (PolyU)
YEUNG Pik Lin (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. CHOI Kup Sze (PolyU)