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Utilising the sharing economy concept, Getaweekend is a platform to connect local learning tours. During the pilot phase, we will focus on agrotourism. Established with a view to promote the concept of “Getaway” over the “Weekend”, we aim to offer local citizens a meaningful escape from the hustle and bustle, and an enriching experience with nature.

We pride ourselves as a pioneering platform focusing on local learning tours. Interestingly, we are distinct from our competitors, which only specialise in overseas learning tours. Small in size as it may seem, Hong Kong has 130+ farms with sufficient capacity to cater to 6,000+ participants every day. Our platform does not only provide an option for relaxing and fruitful weekend pastimes, but also the possibility to integrate environmental and socioeconomic benefits to contribute to the sustainability of local communities – local farmers can maximise their side profits by hosting tours to share the working concepts of local farming.

Joining a tour can be easily done in a few clicks on our platform. The platform also incorporates social media marketing to make information about our tours easily available.

We are highly motivated to re-emphasise Hong Kong’s beauty, foster communication among local communities; and enhance mental health and well-being through promoting a balanced life. There is only one reason for our endeavor – your smile. We are confident of making a change. Together we build an encouraging atmosphere to explore different facets of Home Kong. 

Team Leader

WONG Wing Kwan (HKU)

Team Member

CHAN Lok Fung (HKU)
WONG Wing Tung (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. Baniel CHEUNG (HKU)