Halal Kong

Minority Integration, Community, Culture

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We are Halal Kong, a team of gourmets that embraces vivid cultures and religious values.

Halal food is a big part of the religious life of Muslims. Nevertheless, with the majority of the 62 certified Halal restaurants clustering in the city centre, an Islamic life can become expensive and beyond reach for the 300,000 Muslims in Hong Kong. Therefore, we are devoted to making a healthy halal diet easy, by serving certified and affordable Halal food boxes.

We provide great tasting lunch and dinner menus updated daily. Our lunchboxes will be distributed from various readily accessible locations across Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we also recognise that a hygienic and reliable food production process is essential to Muslims. Therefore, we will seek certification from the Islamic Trustee of Hong Kong to provide our customers confidence in our dishes.

Our Muslim-run kitchen will operate with multiple purposes. So when it is not making food boxes, the facility will be transformed to hold Halal cooking classes and food sharing parties. Therefore, we will be able to promote social harmony by welcoming Muslims and non-Muslims for cultural exchange and experience sharing.

As a social enterprise, we will reinvent the meal box to become an entity to bring Muslims and other Hongkongers together and also help Muslims maintain a normal diet in their everyday life. We hope with our business, there will be no longer be a dilemma, between convenience and respect to Islamic culture, to Muslim students or the working class.

Team Leader

LAI Kin Yau (HKU)

Team Member

陳瀚霖 - CHAN Hon Lam (HKU)
Naveed Muhammad HASSAN (HKU)
Kerney Mohammad OWAIS (HKU)
鄧子晉 - TANG Tsz Chun(HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
張天秀先生 - Mr. Baniel CHEUNG (HKU)