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Marketeer is Hong Kong’s first data-driven food image recognition mobile app. It is dedicated to helping members of ethnic minorities and the deaf to learn about their food in real-time. The immediate benefits will be healthier choices and cheaper prices. However, through our app, these often-neglected sections of society will also be able to build closer social ties and so feel part of the wider community.

We will encourage ethnic minorities and people with special needs to shop at public food markets. We can achieve this through bridging the language and cultural barriers to promote a healthier society and a stronger community.

People with special needs encounter communication difficulties as a daily struggle. This excludes them from enjoying the benefits of public markets and cheap food shopping outlets. Just imagine being unable to buy food because you do not speak Chinese… Or not being able to read food labels printed in Chinese… As a result of this intimidating situation, they do not attempt to shop at markets. This is a form of indirect discrimination – but one that we can beat with Marketeer!

Our Purpose: provide a mobile app for ethnic minorities and the deaf to use in food markets so they can: learn Hong Kong's culture; communicate with market stall staff; and receive reliable information on food products and preparation.

Our Mission: bridge language and cultural gaps in a snap

Our Vision: enhance the role of the Go-To App For All-Things Fresh

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Team Member

CHAN Waiki (PolyU)
LAI Chun Wui ​Brian​ (CUHK)
潘家傑 - Geoffrey POON

​Faculty Advisor
彭衛民博士 - Dr. PANG Wai-Man Raymond (CHIE)