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Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID) causes over 15,000 deaths each year – the major causes being suffocation and strangulation. These cases are often associated with incorrect sleeping positions where the babies are found with their faces covered by a blanket or even found dead face down in the bedding.

Current prevention measures are basic. Parents need to wake up frequently through the night to check if their baby is breathing normally. However, as a result of frequent checking, over two thirds of parents report that they regularly lose 3 hours of sleep because of the stress and worries. However, we aim to provide a solution to relieve the pressure on parents and allow them to sleep better.

Peacify is an innovative wearable for babies. Our device brings medical grade sensing technologies into every household through an affordable and adorable baby sock. It is equipped with the most advanced biomedical sensors and algorithms to monitor a baby’s vital signs and then transmit the data to smart devices. By connecting to an app, parents or medical professionals can monitor a baby's heart rate, blood oxygen level, skin temperature and sleep habits at a glance. The device can also alert parents to abnormalities and rolling over.

Being a monitoring tool rather than a medical or diagnostic device, Peacify will alert parents to potential health-related danger signs so that they can take preemptive actions to safeguard their child.

Team Leader

LAW Wai Lun (HKU)

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LEE Heung Pan (HKU)
POON Chun Yi (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. CHUI Chun Kit (HKU)