Minority Integration, Public Health

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Students with physical disability (PD) face great challenges in receiving equal learning opportunities under the Integrated Education System. In 2012, the Equal Opportunity Commission conducted a survey among primary and secondary schools (including principals, staff, teachers, parents and students). Of the 5,136 respondents, 50% showed reluctant and negative attitudes towards students with PD. It is postulated that the lack of knowledge and understanding among different stakeholders towards students with PD may be one of the underlying reasons for the inequality faced by students with PD.

Our customers are the 572 primary schools in Hong Kong. Our service is a range of tailor-made experiential activities for able-bodied students and teachers. Our objective is to instill positive attitudes and knowledge towards students with PD.

Working with Occupational Therapy professionals, we would like students and teachers to experience ‘life with PD’ in their school environment. To achieve this, the students and teachers will use assistive devices with adaptations to understand what living with PD actually means. In addition, we will also introduce ideas on how schools can modify their environments.

Finally, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association, we pledge to provide professional guidance and networking to support our customers in creating a barrier-free environment.

Team Leader

CHAN Mei Yan Melody (PolyU)

Team Member

CHAN Ho Ching (CUHK)
CHEUNG Chung Yan (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. HUI Yip Kuen Eddie (PolyU)