Minority Inclusion Tour (MINT)

Minority Integration, Culture

Web Site: minorityinclusiontour.hk

Minority Inclusion Tour (MINT) is a social enterprise developed under the climate of new cultural tourism. Our initiative is aimed at (1) Intellectually empowering the youth about ethnic minority cultures, thus promoting intercultural understanding as well as (2) Economically empowering ethnic minority guides by offering them job opportunities.

We provide alternative cultural tour packages to secondary and tertiary students. These will allow them to engage in direct contact with our ethnic minority tour guides through cultural activities, neighborhood tours, and ethnic meals. Art and snack-making workshops give participants a unique experience of ethnic traditions in this culturally-diverse city.

Our project incorporates three phrases:

  1. Tailor-made MINT tours for secondary schools in collaboration with ethnic minority NGOs to provide students with an experiential learning opportunity including visits led by ethnic minority guides, sharing and reflection sessions.
  2. Experiential camps allowing students hands-on experience in art and food-making workshops conducted by ethnic minority guides, and a student-led campaign activity consolidating what students have learnt.
  3. Experiential room for students to imitate the daily life of an ethnic minority.

Through MINT, we hope that cultural pluralism will be embraced and social interaction and understanding be fostered.


Team Leader

YIM Lok Lam (HKU)

Team Member

CHEUNG Ka Yeung, Michael (HKU)
NG Chun Yu (HKU)
CHAN Tsz Ying (HKU)
CHAN Yu Kei Kelly (HKU)

​Faculty Advisorr
Mr. HO Man Chung (HKU)