Community, Minority Integration

Web Site: http://festyle.hk

Festyle is an online platform that provides fresh grocery and cuisine package deliveries. It recruits women to handpick and purchase fresh food from wet markets, and process raw food into convenient cuisine packages for customers. Festyle aims to promote healthy dining culture in Hong Kong and provide tailor-made job opportunities for women. This helps them develop their strengths and unearth their potential, as well as improve the economic situations of their families. To achieve genuine empowerment of women and release their productivity, women employees will be responsible for designing new recipes and packages, and take up managerial and business development positions in Festyle. By providing fresh grocery deliveries and convenient cuisine packages online, we care for the families who have difficulties in shopping for fresh groceries and cooking healthy homemade food due to their busy and tight schedules. We are offering not only fresh and healthy food, but also warm and skillful care from women. We aim to open up the online grocery market and facilitate the everyday needs of families. Customers can order online every day before 1pm and receive same-day deliveries. Once we receive orders from customers, our employees will handpick, purchase and process food accordingly. The ordered fresh groceries will then be delivered at the selected timeslot. Festyle provides you the best solution to fresh and healthy meals.