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Giving elderly people and abandoned dogs a new lease on life

Senior CID equips Hong Kong’s elderly with pet sitting, training and grooming skills through working with abandoned dogs. Our programme empowers senior citizens to generate a stable income while helping numerous canine lives.

Our population is greying fast. By 2035, one in 3.2 people will be aged 65 or above. Currently, one third of the elderly live in poverty. Some of them are physically capable and should be given the chance to work. By matching their resources with the needs of abandoned dogs, Senior CID can solve three of society’s problems: 1) ageing population; 2) abandoned dogs; and 3) high demand for affordable pet services.

We collaborate with expert trainers who teach our elderly members to provide quality pet services. The elderly will learn to care for, train and groom through working with abandoned dogs at our partner shelter. They will keep the dogs healthy, happy and attractive, increasing their chances of finding a new home. Once the elderly complete their training, we will offer their services at below market prices. Our elderly will benefit from having a flexible, fun and rewarding work schedule. Pet owners can also enjoy cheaper services while knowing that their money spent are for the benefit of the elderly and abandoned dogs.

Our vision lies further. To broaden our network and impact in a sustainable model, experienced members will become trainers themselves to empower not only other elderly, but also other groups of people in need.


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PANG Ho Yin (CityU)
MAN Yuet Ching (CUHK)

​Faculty Advisorr
Ms CHAN Yuen Man (CUHK)