Web Site: http://spreadit.hk

Spread-it is a platform that sends physical postcards for free with the mission of rebuilding people’s genuine connection and promoting support and caring for the environment. Users can send their friends a physical card in 5 minutes through our platform: http://spreadit.hk. Our mission is to rebuild people’s genuine connection and to promote the idea of "Share to Care."

With the emergence of social networks, we seem to be more connected, or are we? We can now chat with anyone anytime on Whatsapp, or obtain all updates from our friends on Facebook. However, it seems the original touch of intimacy has been lost in the transition. Although more connected, we feel lonelier than ever. A barrier between people has been built by technology. Look around you on the subway, how many passengers are surfing on the internet? Or look around you during dinner, how many of your friends are texting?

We want to change this. We want to rebuild genuine connections between people. We want you to spread more sincere care with your friends and colleagues. This is why we built Spread-it.

We currently have 13+ designers on board and people with autism are also part of our design team! Today, you simply need to register on our platform, then you can start selecting the card with the right message for your beloved ones. All the cards are sponsored by different companies, and in this we create value to both the general public and people with disabilities.

Today, Share to Care.


Team Leader

LEE Wing Yan (CUHK)

Team Member

NG Sze Wah Timothy (HKUST)

​Faculty Advisorr
Dr. LAI Hon Weng, John (CUHK)