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Work,Sheet. aims to promote the concept of Permaculture and putting the whole system into daily life. We cooperate with St. James Settlement (NGO) and sheltered workshops to collect food waste with HK local features in the community. We use 100% biodegradable ingredients and sustainable procedures from start to end. We have also developed a new innovative Fiber-material, share profits from the goods sold as a return to reward workers and introduced a whole system to serve the community.

After a series of experiments and testing, we successfully developed an efficient system for processing local food waste into commercially viable products (Fiber-Material: 2D.FiberSheet, 3D.FiberBlock). Our Fiber-Material can be used in industrial manufacturing as well as custom-made production. The material can be used as a semi-final material to produce daily products, range from large objects like furniture, lighting and installations, to small products like stationery, containers, utensils and any paper product. We specifically chose food waste that is rich in HK local characteristics, which made our Fiber material more representative of Hong Kong. At present stage we focus on 1. tea leaves from tea-houses; 2. fruit from local fruit markets; 3. plants from The Flower Market at Prince Edward; 4. Chinese medicine herbs from Chinese pharmacies.

Besides the character of the material supplier, Work,Sheet. also builds social responsibility through educating the public on the concept of permaculture by holding workshops and exhibitions; as well as producing designer products and services, which will be targeted mainly at the corporate sector. With our current corporate work experience and up-coming projects, we have the confidence to launch our unique HK material to the global market in the near future.


Team Leader

YEUNG Sze Nga (PolyU)

Team Member

WONG Yuk Ling (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisorr
Mr. Michael LEUNG (PolyU)