Youth, Poverty

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Due to heavy financial burdens, students from low-income families are denied many opportunities in life. For example, they are unable to enjoy playing music.

Music is a universal language and Accelerato aims to give every child an opportunity to access this language by removing obstacles and enriching teenagers with the benefits of music.

Accelerato has three key steps:

Step 1 Lento

Students would be recruited regardless of their financial situation. At the initial stage, some piano rooms will be rented regularly by paying instant rental fee. After two years, a music centre with all lessons would be carried out there.

Step 2 Moderato

There would be two levels of tuition fee, the standard fee and discounted fee. Students from financially stable homes can join lessons  at the standard fee. Students from underprivileged homes can join and pay only 20% of the standard tuition fee.

The fees from standard tuition would be used to sponsor students paying discounted rates. Teachers would receive a lump sum of 60% of the tuition fee per student. Therefore, parents paying the standard rates would have an opportunity to help fund a socially minded solution.

Step 3 Allegro

Free music instrument rental, exam subsidies and scholarships would be provided for students paying the discounted rates. However, once these students receive qualifications and complete the training, they would be invited to teach new students or act as teaching assistants.  This will maintain a sustainable cycle.

Accelerato would like to provide universal access to a universal language – music.

Team Leader

李洛維 LEE Lok Wai, Osborn (HKUST)

Team Member

謝凱婷 TSE Hoi Ting, Kendy (CUHK)
LO Jun Cin, Lydia  (HKUST)
CHAN Tsz Yan, Defea (CUHK)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. Mark Mihorean (HKUST)