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ClothClip is a creative and eco-friendly platform for you to bid for your own fashion stylists and to manage your wardrobe. We have created a unique channel for you to communicate with other fashionistas around town. So that you can get inspired on how to mix and match your clothing and also so that fashion stores can increase sales. This can be achieved through combining our creative Online-to-Offine marketing solution with ibeacon technology and our mobile application. From an environmental point of view, fast fashion has increased clothing wastage in Hong Kong. According to our market research, this is mainly because people do not know how to match the various items. To remedy this problem, ClothClip aims to build a creative platform for users to make use of their existing clothes for exciting new looks. In addition, to help users to dress more fashionably and stylishly, the fashion stylists on our platform will suggest suitable fashion items from our partner stores. ClothClip wants to empower the fashion talents and support local stylists. We will do this by providing a platform for them to shine on the stage and build their personal brands. However, we are not only helping local stylists. We are also helping local fashion boutiques, as this is a new way for boutiques to increase sales. This is because if the boutiques use ibeacon technology, they will be able to identify the preferences of potential customers.

Team Leader

何葆昆 HO Po Kwan (CityU)

Team Member

蘇苑妮 SO Yuen Ni (CUHK)
蘇梓維 SO Tsz Wai (HKIEd)
鄧珊珊 Deng Shanshan (CUHK)

​Faculty Advisor
許國洪博士 Dr. HUI Glenn (CityU)