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Public Health, Minority Integration, Environmental Friendly

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Hong Kong faces a number of urgent problems. We have identified that:

  • high consumption of imported meat impedes the development of local organic farming;
  • busy professionals have poor diets as having little time to prepare their own food;
  • an ageing population of low-skilled workers is causing stress on social and welfare dynamics.

Therefore, Hong Kong needs an immediate alleviation to poverty among the elderly and a source of low-skilled work. Nearly one third of elderly people (290,000) were in financial hardship – figures from Hong Kong Council of Social Service 2011.

Green Timer is a green living community with a solution. We offer a healthy, sustainable, and efficient diet experience to white-collar professionals in central business districts. Through our services, customers can order delicious organic meals - customized to their own tastes and needs. The meals will be prepared by the elderly, stay-at-home mothers, unemployed and underemployed.

We are the first subscription plan provider that offers “a la carte” options online.  You can build your own dietary plan to reach personal health and fitness goals in two simple steps: (1) place an order with health professionals’ advice through our website or mobile application; (2) select an appropriate subscription plan for meals delivered to your office. Orders can be one-off or monthly plans.

Our customers will save time and enjoy healthy, organic diets. They will also help local suppliers to develop sustainably. Best of all, customers will know that our services directly benefit those in need. To sum up, we serve caring meals with a conscience. 

Team Leader

WU Wangruyue (HKU)

Team Member

EDWARDS, Jonathan Richard (HKU)

LUO Yating (HKU)

LIN Jianyong (HKU)

MU Tian (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. HUI Chun (HKU)