Public Health

Web Site: http://www.heartistic.hk

HeArtistic believes in the power of art in raising people’s awareness towards mental health.

Poor mental health is a huge problem plaguing modern society. Would it surprise you that more than 450 million people around the world suffer from mental illnesses?  In Hong Kong, the figures are even more worrying - around 30% of our population suffers from mental health issues and 39% of employees rate their work stress as high. Also, recovered patients are experiencing serious stigma and discrimination when trying to integrate into society, especially in the workplace.

HeArtistic (HeArt Expresso) was established in 2013 with the wholehearted commitment to improve the mental well-being of members of our community, including you.

Our social enterprise provides unique and fun “Therapeutic Expressive Art” services. It is a powerful exercise that combines visual arts, music and other creative processes to foster self-understanding and to help relieve stress. And the great thing is that anyone can join.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. The prevalence of mental illnesses in Hong Kong can be lowered by building people’s awareness towards their own mental health; so as to relieve stress and achieve work-life balance.

Meanwhile, we look forward to engaging and empowering people who have recovered from mental illnesses through the establishment of the HeArtistic Art Centre. We aim to eradicate stigma, so as to build a more inclusive society.

“Through art we express our hearts; Through art we change the way people see the world.” will continue to be HeArtistic’s motto.

Team Leader

WONG Hiu Wing, Janice Sue (CUHK)

Team Member

SO Kwun Laam, Queenie (CUHK)

CHEUNG Ching Hang, Ken (CUHK)

FUNG Kin Wing, Gary (CUHK)

WONG Wan Chun, Timothy (CUHK)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. LAI Hon Weng John (CUHK)