Web Site: http://www.oxyt.hk

OXYT is a lifestyle brand

… where the products embody our values. Our products encourage sustainable and ethical consumerism through their functions. For example, the lunchboxes and bags encourage sustainable food consumption and responsible takeaways. A unisex T-shirt encourages minimalistic yet elegant consumerism. An up-cycled bag encourages “recycling” consumerism. So consumers will see that all our product designs are based on social or environmental issues.

The lifestyle

… through using OXYT products, consumers will demonstrate socially and or environmentally responsible consumerism. Also, our message is cleverly embedded in a chip fused into the product design. This allows consumers to be able to interact with the products by tapping their smartphones on the brand logo and then consume the content. However, the real innovation is that the content will be periodically updated and generated by our algorithm so as to provide a more interactive and rewarding user experience.

The impact

… each content can have three kinds of “call to actions”, behavioral change, message sharing and donations – depending on the nature of the content. For every recipient of a message share, the sharer will be given an “Omp”. Each unit of donation is HK$15 and is branded as a “Cassion”.

We believe that by integrating design, fashion and technology into a single product – we can capture peoples’ attention and deliver our messages clearly, promote behavioral change, and allow for consumers to help us spread the messages.

Team Leader

Zeya AUNG (PolyU)

Team Member

CHAN Yuk Ming (PolyU)

CHOI Kai Ming (PolyU)

Pimsupang Boonperm (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. LAM Tak Ming (PolyU)